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U-Rock Radio™ Network Explained

network 24 Aug , 2021 | 5:42 pm | admin

My Name is Kevin Timothy. I am the Owner of U-Rock™ TV/Radio. U-Rock Radio™ is the oldest operating Internet Station in the World. Established December 1999.

U-Rock Network™ created in 2004 mixes the Love of Crypto, Gaming and Rock and Roll into the Hippest Place on the Net, for such a thing.

I develop dApps and Token environments to support a number of creative endeavors including the U-Rock Network™. The ultimate goal of the U-Rock Network,™ using the latest area of computer development, blockchain, is to make access Great New Music Easy.

The current system in development, The Broadcaster, is an integrated support system for musicians, music scene facilitators and Internet radio creators. The Purpose is to revolutionize the New Music Discovery space.

Currently, you are part of the development, we are at the Prototype/Alpha stage of development, meaning, We need you to use the site and let us know of the bugs or improvements.

Join The Fun & Sign Up to Become an Affiliate to the Hippest Thing to Happen to Music since the Turntable and FM.

Let’s Get Rock’n